N°1 french GDPR software

DATA LEGAL DRIVE strengthen its position as the N°1 french GDPR software by taking over its competitor Captain DPO

In 2 years, the legaltech DATA LEGAL DRIVE has attracted more than 400 companies with its RGPD compliance management software, recruited 25 employees and completed a €1 million fundraising campaign from the Lefebvre-Sarrut Group, the European leader in legal content.
Data Legal Drive is now initiating its external growth by acquiring its competitor CAPTAIN DPO, and is positioning itself as a French alternative to the American One Trust.
The startup, which has posted average quarterly growth of 42% since its creation, is thus confirming its ambition to triple its turnover and the number of clients by 2020.


« We started the movement as pioneers of GDPR compliance in SaaS mode with CAPTAIN DPO.


The market is accelerating and becoming more concentrated, and we are delighted to give our customers new steering tools with this merger.


This positions Data Legal Drive as the leading solution around GDPR at a time when companies and the public sector have to deploy solutions to stay compliant at lower cost and with minimal risk.


Finally, JAMESPOT continues its strong growth and focuses on the fundamentals that have made its success: Corporate Social Network and Collaborative Platform to provide the best Digital Workplace on the market. »

Alain Garnier - Jamespot CEO


« The functionalities of our two softwares are similar and we are going to be able to mutualize their assets. We have worked to ensure that we can quickly migrate CAPTAIN DPO's clients, bringing them the fruit of the experience we have developed and the legal and technical content included in DATA LEGAL DRIVE.

This acquisition allows us to strengthen our position as the French leader in GDPR software, at a time when many companies need to accelerate their compliance or to make it sustainable by digitizing it.

Beyond a strict and strongly sanctioned regulation, the GDPR must also be understood as a means to secure the increasingly numerous and complex processing of personal data in companies.

And what's more, it's a question of framing the respect of each employee, each customer, each prospect, that is to say each one of us, privacy in an economy of big data where respect for privacy must become an ethical value.»

Sylvain Staub, DATA LEGAL DRIVE CEO & Co-Founder

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