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The passion of the software for more than 10 years


Captain DPO :  A passion for the software

Put back the human being at the heart of the organization.

Captain DPO is a collaborative platform for developed and marketed DPO by the teams Jamespot.  

Jamespot is a French software editor specialized in the collaborative and social solutions. Established in 2005, the company quickly stood out as leader on the market of the collaborative platforms. The eponym solution, Jamespot.pro, is a highly configurable professional social network according to contexts businesses bu means of its compound catalog of more than 80 actionable applications in a few clicks.

With more than 150 customers and 100 000 users through Europe and the world, Jamespot launches Captain DPO, a platform collaborative exclusively dedicated to the DPOs allowing to better manage their new missions.

To trust Captain DPO, it is to trust a leader recognized by the market and the professionals of the information!

Our team : Experts at your service


Senior management team


CEO et cofondateur

Matthieu LLUIS

Directeur des projets

et cofondateur


Directeur Technique

et cofondateur

Captain DPO's team

Captain DPO's team is composed of more than thirty employees who are passionate about digital technology.


Collaborative software for DPO - Pilot the compliance of your organization simply and confidently

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