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Captain DPO acquisition by DATA LEGAL DRIVE

Captain DPO belongs to DATA LEGAL DRIVE since March 31, 2020 to the software publisher DATA LEGAL DRIVE


The Captain DPO's website, which you are currently browsing on, is therefore undergoing development. Captain
DPO's product is also no longer up to date or available

With this acquisition, DATA LEGAL DRIVE consolidates its position as N ° 1 in France for GDPR software.
In 2 years, the legaltech DATA LEGAL DRIVE has attracted more than 400 companies with its RGPD compliance management software, recruited 25 employees and completed a € 1M fundraising from the Lefebvre-Sarrut Group, European leader in content. legal.


"The functionalities of our two software are similar and we will be able to share their advantages.
Beyond a strict and highly sanctioned regulation, the GDPR must also be understood as a means of
securing the processing of increasingly numerous and complex personal data in businesses.
And much more, it is a question of framing the respect of the private life of each employee, each
customer, each prospect, that is to say each of us, in a big data economy where the respect of
privacy must become an ethical value ”

Sylvain Staub, CEO & Co-Founder of DATA LEGAL DRIVE

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Captain DPO : your GDPR partner 

Ensure the control and the compliance

Captain DPO edits a software solution in SaaS to help DPOs manage the compliance of their organization within the European General regulation on the Data protection (GDPR).

Captain DPO helps you effectively put your organization in compliance by means of its collaboratives and agile applications guaranteeing the total accountability of the process. 

In perpetual evolution, Captain DPO offers to the DPO the last technological innovations and collaboratives allowing a maximal saving of time in the management of their compliance.

Captain DPO : Get ready with great serenity  

Give the DPOs means to effectively lead their missions.

As of May 25th, 2018, European regulation on the data protection will be applicable. If certain formalities with the CNIL are disappearing, new obligations will be added to those existing regarding data management. Public or private, organizations will have to be in compliance.

At the heart of this transition: The Data Protection Officer ( DPO). They will have to insure the implementation of an optimal protection of the data all the time and be able to demonstrate it by documenting their compliance. 

Captain DPO takes action! Give the DPOs means to effectively lead their missions of setting in compliance. 

A personal data processing mapping

Captain DPO: Identify all data processing

Keep a record of data processing operations.

Measure the impact of the European regulation on the personal data protection which you handle directly from the interface of your platform Captain DPO.

Start by precisely listing  your personal data processing by means of a dedicated application.

The elaboration of this register of processes allows you to review the situation of your organization while meeting the requirements of the European regulations.

With Captain DPO, our objective is to supply Data Protection Officers a simple solution to externally manage RGPD.

Alain GARNIER - CEO of Captain DPO

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