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compliance is a team work  !


Captain DPO: a base of collaborative features serving the DPO

Features to give the DPO means to effectively lead their missions.

Dynamic dashboard

Multiple Registers

Register of processings 

Applications' mapping

Stakeholders' directory 

Management of rectification requests

 Notifications and alerts

Crisis management

Integration of  DPIA CNIL software

Documentary base and versioning

Monitoring indicators and KPI

Management of the rights and 
 the access

Captain DPO: mobilize your team

Pilot the compliance of your organization with a team 

Captain DPO is a platform which helps you effectively set your project in compliance with your organization by means of its collaboratives and agile applications guaranteeing the total accountability of the process.

Mobilize all stakeholders (Processing heads, subcontractors, collaborators, RSSI, etc.) in your project to win in time and in efficiency.

Each stakeholder participate in the global  compliance set up for the organization.The subcontractors for example, can directly log in on the platform, to collect your instructions and transmit you their processing reports.

Captain DPO: Collaborative platform for DPO

Prices: a complete offer dedicated to the success of your project

Pack "Conformity"

  •  Captain DPO platform

  •  Processings' register

  •  Resquets management

  •  Stakeholders' directory

  •  Crisis management 

  •  KPI and indicators

  •  Integration of DPIA CNIL software

  • Multiple registers*

1 DPO included*

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Pack "Conformity +"

1 DPO included*

  •  Captain DPO platform

  •  Processings' register

  •  Resquets management

  •  Stakeholders' directory

  •  Crisis management

  •  Indicators and KPI

  •  Integration of DPIA CNIL software

  •  Directory synchronization

  •  Encryption of data

  • Multiple registers*


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Collaborative software for DPO - Pilot the compliance of your organization simply and confidently

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